2024 (expected)       Ph.D., Social Psychology (Minor in Quantitative Psychology)

                           University of California Davis

Adviser: Alison Ledgerwood


Provost's Dissertation Year Fellowship

Psychology Graduate Student Outstanding Research Award

Dukes Award 


Ledgerwood, A., da Silva Frost, A., Kadirvel, S., Maitner, A., Wang, A., & Maddox, K. (in press). Methods for advancing an open, replicable, and inclusive science of social cognition. Chapter to appear in K. Hugenberg, K. Johnson, & D. E. Carlston (Eds), The Oxford Handbook of Social Cognition. Link

Itani, A. I., Coleman, C. W. , AlGhazali, R., AlMalik, M., da Silva Frost, A., Fedavi, N., Imran, M., Weltzien, K., Yousef, S., Ledgerwood, A., & Maitner, A. T. (2023). Are negative frames equally sticky across cultural contexts? Exploring sequential framing effects with Arab participants in the UAE. Current Research in Ecological and Social Psychology. Link

da Silva Frost, A., Wang, A., Eastwick, P. & Ledgerwood, A. (2022). Summarized attribute preferences have unique antecedents and consequences. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Link

 da Silva Frost, A., & Ledgerwood, A. (2020). Calibrate your confidence in research findings: A tutorial on improving research methods and practices. Journal of Pacific Rim PsychologyLink